Employee Choice Awards

Recognizing and rewarding our teammates who embody our core values.

Our four core values are the bedrock of our success, shaping our identity and guiding our actions. It’s time to honor those who truly exemplify these values. Choose four individuals who best represent each value, and share why you believe they stand out. Remember, each vote is significant as you can only vote once.


    Someone who:
    a. takes chances
    b. doesn’t stand on the sidelines
    c. exhibits bravery

    Embrace Authentic Change

    Someone who:
    a. brings new ideas or opportunities to the table
    b. readily responds/adapts to change
    c. continuously improves him/herself, the people around them, and/or the work they do.

    Champion Unyielding Persistence

    Someone who:
    a. Remains focused despite challenges
    b. Shows determination
    c. Never quits

    Do The Right Thing

    Someone who:
    a. Places others before themselves
    b. Prioritizes integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior - regardless of who’s watching
    c. Actively engages in initiatives that benefit our communities and those in need